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Personalised Funerals vs Traditional Funerals: A Journey Towards Meaningful Goodbyes

In the face of loss, organising a funeral can be a daunting task. However, it is also an opportunity to say goodbye in a way that reflects the personality, values, and life journey of the departed. Today, funerals are shifting from strictly traditional services to more personalised commemorations. Here, at Community Funerals, we aim to help you understand what this …

Mother and Son episode ‘The Funeral’

What could possibly go wrong, or something funny happen at a funeral, tell us what you have seen. Take a look at the clip above from an episode of ‘Mother and Son’ called ‘The Funeral’.

The many different choices for a funeral

Nowadays some funerals are less than traditional, tradition vs contemporary vs celebratory, with the range of choices sometimes overwhelming. Consider what type of funeral would you choose, what outfit would you be dressed in? Check out the clip above from ‘The Loved One With Liberace’.

Music to be played at the funeral

Music plays a personal and important part in a funeral, tell us what song you want played at your funeral. Take a look at the clip above from Brad Paisley – ‘When I Get Where I’m Going’, or look through our list below of music we have played at funeral. Is your favourite song on the list? Always with Me, Always …